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By Room

  • Dining

    Decorating a dining-room may require a nice design for the table with two chairs to begin with, followed by
    an elegant hanging lamp and a functional or stylish dish cupboard.

  • Bedroom

    A fashionable headboard and footboard with two bed-tables, matching or creating an effect by colour contrast. Beautiful bed linen plus other elements.

  • Entrance

    We can decorate this area in an interesting way, with an attractive piece:  a console, mirror or picture, next to other complements that fit into place.

  • Living

    The main focus: sofas and a coffee table creating style.All these with other companions such as a bookcase, an easy chair, carpet, lamps, etc.

  • Study

    The working area is placed around the study table and a chair as a counterpart with a suitable and functional desk lamp. Another hanging lamp to create atmosphere and a bookcase or bookshelf.

  • Children

    A color feel that produces happiness with the right combination of beds or bunk beds, amusing carpets and wardrobes that optimize space, were to enjoy and live with your toys!!

  • Outdoor

    Our garden will be a comfortable stay, were the landscape is integrated into a dinning or living area. Hammocks,lanterns, teak furniture, mindi,mimer,natural or s synthetic fibres or resins.

  • Youth

    For those more careful in defining their place of comfort, work or friends reunions. With its working desk and good illumination, beds and a sofa bed accompanied with good wardrobes.