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  • Sideboards

    The prince of the living-room, other times growing to King in a magnificent home entrance. From metal to oak, to washed-wood or  oriental  and our unique pieces.

  • Auxiliary and individuals
    Auxiliary and individuals

    In this section you can find  interesting and rare furniture that is not easy to find somewhere else and will help you give the final touches of decoration: bookcases, clothes valet, dressing table, etc..

  • Benches and puff
    Benches and puff

    It has many uses and can be placed anywhere, from de living-room, taking the place of an armchair or stool as a bed-foot or at an entrance hall. There are many ideas.

  • Seats and wing chairs
    Seats and wing chairs

    A pair of easy-chairs closing the space of the living-room, or shoe- removing chair for a bedroom. Maybe a classic wing-chair next to a bed table for reading or even for the TV.

  • Buró

    Small piece or auxiliary element for an entry, a space in the lounge, or accompanist in the bedroom.

  • headings and beds
    headings and beds

    The king of the bedroom. Simple and moderate or historical; in wrought  metal or upholstered; classic or modern. Also a full bed  and by imported special pieces.

  • Consoles

    To dress up a home entrance or entrance hall, step area or hall way; in a great atmosphere or in a reduced space; using marble, steel, wood or crystal, it can be made-to-measure.

  • Chest of drawers
    Chest of drawers

    Furniture with drawers, the lady of the room, also in similar materials as the bedside table ( oak, pine and cherry tree or walnut, oriental styles and only-pieces).

  • Escritorios

    Witness of so many letters, accomplice of work, allied position of responsibilities, armor of a leader. A piece king of an office, prince in a bedroom.

  • Bookcases and shelving
    Bookcases and shelving

    You can choose a disengaged or a wall-to-wall piece, with all the adaptability that a functional design requires in terms of space needs.

  • Dining table
    Dining table

    It is the main actor of the living room. Can be made to measure, of marble, wrought iron, glass and its combinations; also you can consult us on our variety of in-house designs.

  • Bed-side

    It can work as a bed-frame. Available in different materials: pine tree, oak, cherry tree or walnut. Also you can find oriental styles and unique pieces appropriate for a romantic bedrooms.

  • Coffee table and corner
    Coffee table and corner

    Although professionally sisters, they are neither similar nor the same material. They need to be functional and aesthetic. Two of their best qualities are: proportion and discretion.

  • Garden furniture
    Garden furniture

    We create these pieces in a category for the furniture of terrace or garden.

  • tv cabinet
    tv cabinet

    For the living-room or for a small TV room. It could be a small piece or a big wall cabinet. You can choose from different materials such as steel, marble or glass.

  • Chairs and armchairs
    Chairs and armchairs

    Subtle and elegant, for a dining-room, a desktop or in tune with the overall decoration. Upholstered, wooden or using other materials for a more present and modern design.

  • Sinfoniers

    There is a variety of this element; brother-in-law of the chest of drawers and the big brother of the bed table. In cherry, mindi, pine tree, oak or walnut, and with different finishes.

  • Sofas and chaisselonge
    Sofas and chaisselonge

    It is the main player of the living-room, modest or of magnitude, classic or modern, upholstered or half wooden made or half linen.In modules or with special dimensions, with chaise loungue or sofa bed.

  • Pedestal

    For a small corner or a place for reading, for a bedroom area or a dining-room, all matching an stylish lamp or a vase. It is the youngest of the furnitures, with its own personality.

  • Showcases

    It is open to a variety of materials, dimensions, kinds and styles of dish-cupboard. Imported or with the possibility of adding modifications or certain designs.

  • Zapatero

    To guard and to organize the footwear when we do not have space in the rest of the cupboards.