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Decoration Items

  • Carpets

    Parts only or also to measure. Of different materials, fibers, wool, silks.

  • Infantile carpets
    Infantile carpets

    This collection 100 % cotton of washable carpets is going to inspire love in the youngest of the house. In diverse colors and forms, and with beautiful cushions to game with.

  • Wall lamps
    Wall lamps

    Are a part essential in cloths with lighting or decor weak. In pairs, trios or individually, provide a detail to the decoration that does not go unnoticed.

  • Trunks

    A annex fundamental to each space that requires of support to the order, or simply decorative, as foot of bed, or side of sofa, etc.

  • Screens

    To separate spaces and environments. To get some privacy or sifting the light. Its range covers from upholstered, of wood, Oriental, etc.

  • Candlesticks and candles ( and lanterns )
    Candlesticks and candles ( and lanterns )

    All an exhibition of different ideas. The scented candles and the rustic lanterns that adorn and stimulate the senses.

  • Centerpieces and trays
    Centerpieces and trays

    To dress up the table or as a decoration of different spaces. Ceramic, wood, bamboo, glass, metals and silver or Platinum alloys.

  • Pictures

    Just a short selection guidance, which can be extended in store, online sales, or attention to distance, by form, chat, or phone.

  • Sculptures

    Figures and sculptures classic of high quality made in marble, Terra cotta and stone railing. Exquisite selection of low-reliefs, busts and statues replicas of works of art of the old classic.

  • Mirrors

    A important ally in the remodeling of the perception of the spaces. From large lightweight frames. Textures that can be different sizes.

  • Flowers

    The joy of any stay in second place behind the natural light. Creating our own compositions combined and successful with the decoration.

  • Vases

    Large scale, large vases, to fill a corner at great stay; a medium scale, in sentry position; or to small, from desktop.

  • Desk Lamps
    Desk Lamps

    Seek here the design that are adapted not only to the style but to the functionality. We like very much is style industry, cinema or antique.

  • Lamps

    We have selected those that fill the spaces from their neutrality, without invading the decoration that accompanies.

  • Table lamps
    Table lamps

    On dressers, on a pedestal table... Sometimes at foot of wood, ceramics, iron, marble or resin.

  • Pendant lighting and Chandeliers
    Pendant lighting and Chandeliers

    Luxury lighting. Romantic lamps chandelier for a bedroom or dining room, or more modern and ethnic for any area of the home.

  • Blankets

    Plaids and blankets for all the seasons of the year. In addition, are very decorative on a mantero or clothing the sofa or the bed as well as to us.

  • Desktop Material
    Desktop Material

    Those parts that we make missing and also can show is to mode of decoration. A clock for desktop, letter openers, magnifying glasses, etc...

  • Menaje

    Our suggestions for Add-ons of the home, as support to a good set of table or to help with the order of the home.

  • Screens

    Isolated or our feet of lamp. In different diameters, shapes and sizes.

  • Umbrella and Magazine
    Umbrella and Magazine

    These accessories to decorate are functional. In occasions discreet and others more historied. There are many options and materials.

  • Watches

    The more original and decorative. Very rustic, classic or vintage. Elements with entity itself to dress up any wall. In forging, ceramics, wood...

  • Decorating Sets
    Decorating Sets

    Unifying in a same style, material, color or texture, the different plug-ins, can facilitate the cohesion of them elements to mode of nexus of union.

  • Fabrics

    Our great variety of fabrics for the upholstered of our furniture and for the confection of curtains, as well as them suggestions of design.

  • Infantile blankets