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Surrounded always with the professional advice, our attention is supervised by collegiate professionals of high profile and experience.

Our experience integrates all the scales, architecture, interior design, and decoration to the detail for the most guessed right result.

We realize visits of our professionals in those spaces in which it wants an ideal result.

For not despising the time of our professionals, these first visits and captures of information invoice previous visit and the complete amount will be discounted later in the final budget. They can be orientated in the matter by means of the chat, telephone, form or e-mail if they wish it.

If they were not remaining satisfied with the service that offers them, the amount will be returned to them when the reasons are justified or if the professional for disease or another circumstance was not finishing correctly his work.

This budget does not imply any commitment of acceptance. He is you who chooses our degree of collaboration.

For decoration we understand something ornamental, an adornment, an architectural not structural element. Elements all of them that ultimately are going to distinguish our house of the rest, things that make us feel good and that we like to see and to enjoy daily. In cause the offer that exists on the market it is so wide that it turns out to us difficult to find what we want even sometimes we are not sure that it fits us perfectly, because of it it is good to come to professionals who orientate and advise us in order that we should obtain our aim.

FRISO possesses highly qualified personnel that architect includes, architect of interiors and interior decorators who form between all an equipment of work completísimo to the one that difficultly one is geld details of design.

Any advice on measures at the moment of buying furniture, pictures, curtains, identical paper, advices on the style that better he still has … actually everything relating to decoration and design that is our favorite field. If you come to see us we will be been charmed with of attending to yourself.