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If he wishes it, I FRISO it takes to him to his house any order that it does in the web or in shop.
To fit the prices, a few tables exist to his disposition in the matter.

If the product like that needs it, the transport inside the Community of Madrid realizes for our mounting blocks that they will be the managers of leaving in his perfectly placed and checked house the bought goods.

For the rest of destinations, FRISO it relies on transporters of his choice according to the characteristics needed by the piece especially, that in absence of our equipment they possess our confidence from which the product should come to his destination since it corresponds.

If he does not wish transport, depending on the article and if this way it comes indicated in his specifications, it can gather it in shop. It will be reported for and e-mail on the arrival of his order.

He has of 15 days from his notice to gather it, since except notice, passed this time, it would be returned to our stores.

FRISO does not become a person in charge if the architectural conditions prevent to the access of our transporters and mounting blocks, providing that they have not been communicated before. The expenses of derrick or means special mechanics will run at the expense of the client and they must be synchronized with the moment of delivery. For it, the department of logistics will inform him closely about the actions to take.

If he wishes it, we him manage the mechanical means, but FRISO will not invoice them, being a competition of the corresponding company.

We him remember that behind this web there is a human equipment to his disposition for any doubt, and that can contact us for all means that we offer.