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The times of delivery change depending on the product.
If it is in stock it can receive it in only a few days.

  • The orders in which the finished one or dimension is selected by the client are asked by order.

Except that it was indicated that they are in stock, these orders have an approximate time of manufacture of 30 days, in occasions up to 90, when it is a question of a product of import. In any case, in the card of product we attach such period.

Once past this term we will contact ourselves you to put in agreement in the day of delivery. The hour is orientativa, though we try to adjust if it is possible to the needs of the client. It can consult any doubt us in the matter for any of the means of contact.

  • If his order belongs to a temporary campaign with offer limited in time, the delivery time will be 15 days from the end of the campaign, except that another thing is indicated in the card of product.
  • If his order contains products of several different campaigns, it will receive his order in the longest delivery time indicated in each of the campaigns. Of this form, the expense will be loaded on his order only of trasporte with one of the articles.
  • If he wishes that several deliveries should be done it will have to do the purchases in different orders, and will be added to every article his value of corresponding transport.


  • From the same form it must come if it wants to gather some articles in shop and others for service of transport.

Every order in the web is structured according to the modality of sending, for what it is important to follow these guidelines. I remember that we have human personnel to solve any situation that changes of previously commented.


The client will choose the direction of delivery of the goods in the moment to effect the order.

FRIEZE reserves the right to use all the necessary means to realize the delivery of the products in the direction indicated by the client. It is important that he reads the conditions in the paragraph of TRANSPORT of www.friso.es. The deliveries will be effected only in the territory of the peninsula.
Sending out of the peninsula: On having accepted the general conditions, the client promises to pay the expenses of customs and transport that they generate.