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Shipping Costs

Consult in the specifications of every product where his corresponding costs of sending come indicated. FRISO calculates them in every case according to the volume of the furniture and his particular needs.
These are indicated again to the user in his cart of purchase before finishing the same one in order that it could accept the specific conditions and the amount of the sending.

You can choose gather in our shop the goods.

It will be able to do it from the moment in which we indicate the receipt of the same one to him. In this case no aftercost of sending will be applied. He has of 15 days from his notice to gather it, since except notice, passed this time, it would be returned to our stores.

  • If his order contains products with different periods of delivery, it will receive his order in the longest delivery time indicated in each one of the products. Of this form, the expense will be loaded on his order only of trasporte with one of the articles. This does not include the expenses of assembly, which as additional service, must be specified by every product.
  • In case of wishing that several deliveries should be done it will have to do the purchases in different orders, which will generate separately the postage and handling.
  • In case the purchase is realized from out of the peninsula we will put in touch with you to indicate him in every concrete case to how much it promotes the amount of the postage and handling, to the minor possible briefness. In case of his acceptance, there will be delivered he for and e-mail a mail with pro forma of the freightages that they will have to be paid in account according to the indicated instructions.

In such a case, if it wants to effect his purchase and that this one remains reserved, it will have to register and inscribe the direction of delivery. Later to indicate, to gather in shop. It will not be necessary to pay the mentioned pro forma one until we do not indicate him that his order is ready to serve. In such a case, they will subscribe for bank transfer according to instructions indicated in his and e-mail, before his delivery.

We him remember that it will be able to exercise at any time his right of desistimiento. We recommend him for it read offered guarantees.

We him remember also that it has to his disposition a human equipment and different means of contact for any doubt or need that him could arise.