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The commercialized products possess the guarantees offered by the manufacturers and / or distributors of the same ones.

In any case and, except that the opposite is proved, there will be understood that the products are consent to the contract providing that they fulfill all the requirements that express later, until for the circumstances of the any case of them it should not turn out to be applicable:

    1. Adjust to the description realized by the seller and possess the qualities of the product that the seller has presented to the consumer and user in the shape of sample or model.
    2. Be suitable for the uses to which ordinarily there are destined the products of the same type.
    3. Be suitable for any special use needed by the consumer and user when it has put it in knowledge of the seller in the moment of celebration of the contract, providing that this one has admitted that the product is suitable for the above mentioned use.
    4. Present the quality and habitual presentations of a product of the same type for that the consumer and user could wait fundamentally, given the nature of the product.


In suppositions of non-conformity proved product with the contract, FRISO will proceed - in his case and as correspond, to the repair, substitution, reduction of the price or resolution of the contract, negotiations that will be free for the consumer and user.

The term to report on a lack of non-conformity will be the legal one, which in these moments is two months since knowledge of the same one was had. The guarantee period is two years from the receipt of the order, providing that the nature of the article allows it and that the fault or the break should not to themselves to an evil use of the product.

All our products are designed and make by the major possible care. Nevertheless, the guarantee will not be valid if failures or hurts take place due to an incorrect managing, a lack of maintenance or of care opposite to our instructions of use. The buyer will have to consult the instructions and the suitable recommendations that they find in the instructions for use facilitated with the product.