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The buyer possesses the possibility of realizing returns of products received in poor condition, already be for tare or fault of factory, (providing that the above mentioned faults had not been due to manipulation or undue utilization on the part of the user), or that have turned out to be damaged in the transport.

The claim in the supposition of receipt of a damaged product will have to be done as soon as possible, being necessary that it happens in 24 hours following the receipt of the order in order that it could be covered by the insurance of transport.

FRISO reserves the right to refuse the right to return of products in suppositions of violation of the established in the present particular conditions.

If the buyer does not report that the these defective goods in the space of 24 hours to FRISO DECORATION S.L., this one will not be played the role responsible for any incident. The mail sent to FRISO will have to explain the motive of dissatisfaction detailing the tare or problem of the goods and it will be accompanied of the corresponding photos on the sufficient quality and definition in order that FRISO could manage the incident in the minor possible term, and be able to replace the defective goods with one in perfect conditions. incidencias@friso.es

No claim will be accepted by telephone or by another way of above indicated. Nevertheless, if he needs help or has some doubt on how to realize his claim, do not hesitate to contact us for any of the means that we offer in this site: chat, telephone, form or e-mail.



The client has a term of retraction of seven days counting from the receipt of the goods to return, under his post, the products to FRISO in order his reimbursement to change or to obtain them.
To invoke his right of retractation only it has to send his request in the term mentioned previously in the following direction: to the following direction: incidencias@friso.es

The goods will have to be in mint condition and to preserve his original packing as well as accessories, instructions or any element that could contain the sending and accompanied by a copy of the invoice.

If the goods were entrusted in special measures by the client, only it will be a refundable 40 % of the amount of the same one.

Received the request of exercise of his right of desist on the part of the buyer and once in possession of the goods I object of return, FRISO will proceed to the examination of the received products and later there will be effected the return of the amount paid for the purchase of returned product, which will be carried out by the major possible briefness and, always by subordination to the established in the present particular terms and conditions.

The term of seven days established will calculate from the receipt for the buyer of the bought goods. Nevertheless, if the buyer had had knowledge of the right of desistimiento with posteriority to the date of receipt of the bought goods, the term of seven days will start counting from the date in which it should have knowledge of his right to return, in post, the bought goods. In any case, there will be understood that the buyer has known the right of desistimiento from the entry in the Shop, which demands the reading and acceptance of the present General Conditions of Contracting, and in any case from the moment in which it effects the order. The returns of the orders will have to be sent to: incidencias@friso.es

Exercised by the buyer the right of resolution and verified the perfect and inaltered condition of the goods once in the store of FRISO, this one will never return the quantities received by means of credit, immediately and in a term superior to thirty days. In no case the postage and handling will reimburse itself. FRISO will reject the receipt of any effected return sent in modality " against reimbursement ".

Nevertheless the previous thing, the right of resolution remains excluded (desist) in those cases in which for the nature of the content of the presentations it is impossible to carry out it, without prejudice of the claim of the hurts and long-suffering prejudices or when the goods returned to the store or his packing are not complete and or in mint condition.